Monday, May 2, 2011

Walter Williams says early America was a third world nation

The great "conservative" hero of RedTeam liberals everywhere says that "we" (Snopes alert: his ancestors were still eating and slave-trading each other in Africa at the time)
turned an 18th-century Third World nation into the freest and most prosperous nation in mankind's entire history.
We were nothing but a dirty backwater with backward people and backward, shameful, unenlightened ways until the American Revolution. This statment from Williams is a perfect example of what even the best, most conservative non-European thinks about my European ancestors.

RedTeam members push Williams and writers like him forward as an example of the best of those people to whom "we Europeans will pass the torch of Western civilization" when we Whites are in the minority.

Notice also that in true Marxist fashion, Williams plays fast and loose with the word nation. He uses it to mean any ICU's who happen to be located within the same geographical territory, regardless of heritage, instead of the real thousands-year-old definition of a people with a common racial, cultural, religious and historical background and interests. Perhaps his confusion comes from listening too much to people such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton drone on about that ubiquitous yet non-existent entity, "the Black Comm-uooniteh."

As an ungrateful beneficiary of thousands of years of exclusively European struggle and invention, Williams promotes the subversive Jewish fairy tale that America has always been a melting pot. The truth is that America was intentionally, deliberately, consciously a 90% + White country up until just a few short decades ago, when Jews and big business interests radically changed the U.S. immigration laws in 1965.

Someone should remind Williams (though I strongly suspect he already knows) that my Founding Fathers did not build these united states for the third-world scum that is filling it now. They bled and crafted this country for their ancestors and for their British and northern European offspring -- no one else. They were quite clear in this. But Williams and his Jew-DayO!-Christian supporters are not to be bothered by historical fact.

He writes proudly and misleadingly,
"Throughout our history," ... "the United States has been a magnet for immigrants around the world." ... "That's despite the fact that our population consists of people who have for centuries been trying to slaughter one another in their home countries, whether it's between the French and Germans, English and Irish, Japanese and Chinese, Palestinians and Jews, or Igbos and the Hausa of Nigeria."
So according to Williams, all peoples the world over have the same histories and proclivities, all of which can be boiled down to senseless slaughter. The heritage of real Americans matters not at all. The "American Idea" as the neo-cons and the perfidious Jew Jared Diamond tell us, "could have happened anywhere." They proclaim that America's greatness lies in the fact that it is welcoming to and composed of all the peoples of the world. Id est, "Diversity is our strength." Against history they claim that it was a few pieces of paper and a grand idea alone made this country great and will keep it great.

Now there is a real leader of the West we can believe in, a true fighter of liberalism, Marxism, and globalism.

He warns us that, "We are losing what's made our country great." Well, Williams, that's what happens when you pour too much wretched refuse into your melting pot.

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