Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A proper aristocracy

Aristocracy is from the Greek and simply means rule of the best. Now that liberal democracy has proven itself incapable of protecting European nations, tribes, or even families from the rapaciousness of the global money-changers and other assorted dark whores and orcs, it is high time we discuss alternative methods of governance. A global ruling class has emerged and our sovereignty has almost completely disappeared. Western governments are as corrupted and doomed as the Roman Empire in the time of Cicero and Julius Caesar. We are falling as the Romans did, but much faster and with much worse consequences.

Like it or not, it is time to discuss realistic alternatives. We need entirely new groups of much better, much bolder men and women at the local and national levels to lead and protect us -- people worth following, imitating, and faithfully supporting. (I can already hear the modern American egalitarian ICU's gagging.)

So what should this collection of superior people look like? Of course, the most basic requirement is that they should look like us, only better. Strictly of the best European stock.

Their character is of equal importance. What should be their attitude and duty to us? How will we know when they are working for us or only for themselves? Here, from an article by John Marshall, at Against the Robots, I have cobbled together a short list of basic requirements.

A proper aristocracy should:

- Be a force in society which stands firmly in opposition to the generation of transient (that is, marketable) values

- Safeguards the ideals of the society

- Is composed of servants of the public good (noblesse oblige)

- Must not become a mere instrumentality of the corporate and political powers

- Function as a counterbalance to the concentration of power in the hands of the state

- Maintain its independence and operate to a great extent outside of the political apparatus of the society

- Be an organization of a people for its own self interest to perform the minimally necessary work of civilization: the promulgation of law, the safeguarding of a people from invasion, the peaceful transition of power, the limitation of the rapacities of groups, et cetera.

- Always represent the best and most immemorial of a people's values

- Be independent from royal power and curb its tendencies toward arbitrariness

- Have a hierarchical structure ("the vassal stands in a definite relation to the lord") which is based on mutual obligation.

- Be self-policing. Merit should precede heredity in this function

- Should nonetheless be largely hereditary in nature

I realize that the idea of aristocratic rule is hard to swallow for many American ICU's who believe that the highest good is complete individual freedom and that quality and justice can be judged most accurately by movement of sacks of money in the "free market." But we will have a ruling class, one way or the other. It can be of the most incompetent, evil, Rothschild/Brussels/United Nations type, or something else. Now is the time to set the bar as high as possible, before their consolidation of power is complete.

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