Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Women's work

From Making Home:
It's strange that it's politically incorrect to say that moms are needed. At home. To be there for their children. No one has a problem with a boss who says things like, " Jim is the reason for this company's success." Or, " Sandy holds this office together." No one gripes and says it's demeaning for a worker to be needed in their job. So why is there a cultural problem with saying that moms are needed by their children? ...

Let's be willing to say it like it is: as moms of young children, the best place for us to be is at home.

That's just the truth. One can find all sorts of arguments about having the right to be elsewhere, exceptions (a widowed or abused single mom) and more, but the overarching, general truth is -- and we all know it -- children are happiest and best raised when mom is home with them and engaged in their daily lives.
Absolutely, I could not agree more.

Full article with links to related articles and comments here.

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