Sunday, April 10, 2011

Larry David pisses on Christ, ridicules Christians

with impunity. Lots of people will complain but Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld will not go to jail, nor will they pay any fines, nor will they be required to grovel for forgiveness in public for months on end as a White Christian would have to do if the tables were turned. In fact, if recent history is any guide, David and Seinfeld will make even more money from the increased publicity, and the Hollywood ridicule and societal and legal suppression of White Christians will only increase.

Over the last few decades Jews -- who are almost all very liberal, anti-White and anti-American -- have worked extremely hard to silence criticism by White Christians of non-Whites and non-Christians. They have now realized their goal. Publicly questioning the details of the Holyhoax will land you in jail and subject you to stiff fines in Europe and Canada, and will cost you your livelyhood in the U.S. This week O-Banana signed the "hate crimes" bill into law, which if not overturned will effectively destroy all free speech in America, especially that of White Christians. "Denying the Holocaust(TM)" and protesting against vermin like Larry David will be practically illegal.

Just a little history lesson for you White kiddos: America, Canada, Australia, and Europe were consciously, intentionally 90%+ White up until just a couple decades ago, before the Tribe took over in the 1960's. Currently, thanks to their nefarious machinations, America is less than 65% White and Whites will probably be a minority in less than 20 years. All of the countless affirmative action and immigration laws and policies, as well as all public opinion manufactured by Hollywood, are weighted heavily against Whites and White interests. Oh, what's that you say, discipuli? They didn't tell you this in school? They didn't tell you that now you are the only ethnic group on the planet without your own country? No? I'm shocked.

Larry Auster says it's right and proper for non-Jews to criticize Jews as Jews, but remember that you'll still be called an anti-Semite naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews no matter how fair or balanced your criticism. Perhaps Auster will later explain how we are supposed to eat or stay out of jail after said criticism.

As the Russians found out too late under the murderous Soviet dictatorship, it really sucks being ruled by Jews. Will we dismantle the rising United States' Soviet system before the Tribe pushes the Start button on their new killing machine here? Will we rid ourselves of these filthy parasites before they kill the host? Stay tuned.

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