Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kettle's on ...

Kevin DeAnna on the failure of Conservatism, at Concerning their exit and legacy, he writes:
But appealing to the heroic American past, traditional values, or the need for a strong defense of the American society is no longer a sound election strategy because the “Moral Majority” no longer exists. More than that, it is doubtful an American people, conscious of itself as a people with a particular culture, tradition, and identity, even exists.

In my view, the graying boomers who run and staff the current “conservative movement” probably represent the last generation of the Right that can justifiably call itself conservative. The constitutional and laissez-faire republic is long gone, a victim of the world wars, hot and cold. And the traditional Protestant and upright culture that once characterized American society as a whole, as well as the United States’ identity as a Western nation-state, won’t last much longer if present trends continue.

More than that, at a core level, we should ask ourselves seriously, What is there going to be worth conserving in the America of the next generation? more >>.
The Left could not have had better allies. Conservatives en masse refused to talk bravely and honestly about the most important issues such as ethnic identity.

They allowed Christianity to be twisted into a religion of milquetoast capitulation and "niceness" and a vehicle for Marxist Communism. Their greatest spiritual concerns now are "being the success God wants you to be" and saving the brown people of the Earth and bringing them all here.

They long ago seceeded all culture to the Left, from Homer to Shakespeare, in every form and venue, from print to the stage. Cheap ad hominem shots from the likes of Coulter, and Ingraham, or confused and half-hearted whining from Insanity and Limbaugh constitute the best popular defenses they can muster. They show no outward signs that they realized how brainless and ineffective these attacks are.

As you read this, most continue sending their children to the government schools, despite knowing that these schools are producing little more than drones for the Marxists. They refuse to turn off their TV sets, even though they complain that it is full of degraded filth. They simply cannot be bothered to change.

They have loved war and the state, never mind their rhetoric about revering the Founders and the Constitution.

To paraphrase Edward Gibbon, conservatives loved security, money, entertainment and comfort more than freedom, and so they are losing it all.

Trainspotter on secession, at TOQ Online.

Today's conservative leaders will lead not the revolution, of course. Their kind of one-step-behind-liberalism thinking is what helped us into this mess. Even now, they refuse to talk honestly about race or ethnicity, preferring to let non-White "conservatives" such as Michelle Maulkin, Thomas Sowell, and a legion of neo-con pundits.

Conservatives may follow, but they are useless as Western leaders; they've already proven that.

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