Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who will lead the change?

Proz has made a statement in his article, Yesterday's Men, with which I agree. He said,
It is no exaggeration to say that our future hinges on the success of the White Nationalist movement.
Change will not come from the existing liberal camp, of course, but neither will it come from conservative leadership. Here's a big reason why.

Look at the most trusted conservative grass-roots organization in America, The Eagle Forum, which I think represents the sensibilities and sophistication of most conservative parents and leaders today, and look at similar organizations. These still behave as though they were operating in the cultural and social 1950's or 1960's America. Their leadership and supporters are upset about the current egalitarian and multiculti disaster but offer only temporary defensive political tactics. They refuse to even acknowedge the racial situation, much less discuss it seriously, and -- God Forbid! -- acknowedge organized Jewry behind much of it. Consequently, they are unable to devise stratagems and offensive attacks, and they lose every major battle they fight.

Why do they behave this way? Because they are still assuming a social and cultural backdrop that doesn't exist any more. They can barely make sense of our problems and cannot launch a recovery program because their underlying assumptions of the context of our situation have expired.

I think this is one reason that, even though they know the schools are rotten, they continue sending their children to them. Verily, they don't believe the problems are that bad; they believe they would tweak the school system a bit and have it back working again. "All it takes is political will," ut dicant. They are, I am convinced, totally unaware that it is not even the same system that it used to be, nor is it operating in the same environment. They don't realize it is another animal altogether, with completly different people, assumptions, goals, and metrics, inside and out.

Practically all of our problems are like that. It helps explain why conservatives will not draw a line and defend it. They believe the rest of their civilization is still standing where it was and the problems at hand can be resolved within that framework, using previously existing shared assumptions and goals. They have not realized, and many never will, that the old framework and those shared assumptions and goals don't exist anymore.

As another example, most conservatives over 40 don't get too exorcised about the filth and lies on TV and the Interwebs. Don't be fooled: no matter how much they complain, they still continue watching it all and let their children do the same, via screens in several rooms. They still watch because they are, they believe, able to tell the difference between it and the real world; they can separate social and cultural fantasy from social and cultural reality. This belief allows them to continue seeing it as entertainment. Bad entertaiment, granted, but merely entertainment. What they fail to comprehend is that the social and cultural reality they remember and believe to still exist, doesn't. Worse, they don't understand that our youth know nothing of real community, nothing of civilized society; they have never experienced them and only a tiny few have studied them without the help of communist instructors. To our young, what they see on TV and the Net is all the community and society they have ever known, all there is. To them, what they see on screen is not entertainment which society watches in their communities, it is society, it is community.

On the right side of the column, only WN's have realized the truth of our new situation and are willing to discuss it. It is why they and not conservatives -- not even old-style liberals, who are now conservatives of a kind -- must be the leaders back to sanity and civilization.

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