Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Attack on Dickens

is an attack on our culture, our history, our sensibilities, and on us. Every day, beginning with the Marxist takeover of our publishing and academic institutions in the 1960's, our history is being re-written -- literally (yuk, yuk). The original, meaningful versions of many of our stories are being effectively wiped out, written over, to use a computer metaphor; thrown down the memory hole just as in George Orwell's book, 1984.

Michael Hoffman describes the latest outrage:
In Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist the Judaic receiver of stolen goods, Fagin, is a kidnapper, accessory to murder and a figure of nearly supernatural evil. In the misnamed PBS "Masterpiece Classic" broadcast nationally last February 15 and 22, the writer Sarah Phelps ("East Enders") served up her revenge on Dickens with a falsified monstrosity of a film, endorsed and broadcast by PBS.

Mike Hale writes: "The filmmakers some politically correct touching up of Fagin. This brutal leader of the gang of boy thieves becomes a nearly saintly protector of Oliver and Nancy and outrĂ© symbol of Jewish suffering... In the single most egregious departure from the book, the judge at Fagin’s trial...tells him that he can avoid the gallows by declaring his allegiance to Christ, a device that grants him outright martyrdom."

No felon in 19th century England --Judaic or otherwise -- was spared capital punishment by converting to Christianity and no such scene exists in Dickens' story. more >>
Eventually, the real story will disappear from public view, expunged by those who have taken over our civilization and led its destruction, and our posterity will only know the corrupted, worthless Judaic version. This is why I recommend buying books printed pre-1960's-ish, reading them yourself, and comparing them to newer versions. A community book reading club of some sort is good; "classic" and "1000 Best Books" groups are best. Once you find the best books, buy extra copies as gifts for family members so they, too, will be sure to grow up with the correct, true European versions.

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