Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Americans are not ready to secede

Alex Jones does his best Glenn Beck impersonation here, and I don't blame him.

Old Rebel wonders what would happen if your state secedes. My reply:

I cannot see any state actually pulling out of the union. Firstly, the main driver of our entire civilization now is money. Cut it off and the sheeple will beg to be admitted back. They could not live 24 hours without modern conveniences -- they would crack emotionally. All their politics and understanding of society and civilization are based on money; they simply have no other conception of what real independence or civilization might be about. Threaten them with loss of funds and they'd fold.

Secondly, even if a state did secede, it would be back in deep guano before morning because the underlying behavior that caused the original problems will not have changed. We have become, by and large, an extremely stupid and lazy people. Millions of conservatives will talk big, stockpile food and weapons, wave the flag at little girl tea parties, blah, blah, blah. But almost none have any intention of changing their idiotic, selfish behavior.

After secession they would immediately shoot themselves (and everyone around them) in the feet spiritually, economically, educationally, and politically. They would blindly follow liars like Insanity, Gingrinch, et al, right back into the black pit because their understanding of history and politics is at the elementary grade school level or worse. Exempli gratia: The RedTeam fanatics are the morons who were guffawing at Ron Paul's Constitutional stance and were clamoring for a police state just a few months ago. They hardly know what the Constitution really says or what the Founders said, and they don't really care -- they just want their political power turned back on.

And the BlueTeam? Ha!

No, no secession; or at least, not a successful one. I have no faith in or hope for the American people whatever. We are far, far less capable of ruling ourselves today than we were 200-300 years ago. There are millions of blogs by now complaining about our situation, but way too few people or organizations doing anything substantive about it.

Look inside our homes. Even though parents say the popular culture is pure filth, they pump hours of it into their homes every day, paying hundreds or even thousands every year for the privilege. And even though they know the schools are rotten, 95% continue sending their children to them. Over half the families I know are falling apart yet no one in them changes or even notices the disintegration. They just keep doing the same things, either expecting different results or not paying any attention to the results. It's mindboggling. Feckless. Totally worthless as parents, citizens, or community leaders.

The American people would not even recognize the few good leaders they do have.

Doch. Learning and change only come through real and prolonged suffering. We will not control ourselves voluntarily and peacefully, therefore someone else will control us forcefully and violently. Get ready for a real nightmare, Folks, brought to you by your own family and neighbors.

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