Friday, December 3, 2010

Liberals complain about being out-Foxed

in this 2004 video about Rupert Murdoch's FauxNews. For four decades or more these whining, deceitful, commie bed-wetters had ruled the airwaves absolutely, totally unchallenged. Now that the new liberals have a strong voice, the older liberals are finding it hard to accept getting beat at their own game.

Sometimes it's a bit like watching two giants who have simultaneously broken into your home duke it out over who gets to eat you, molest your family, and take your stuff. You enjoy seeing one receive crushing blows to the head and then get back up and knock out the other's teeth. You feel like cheering but the knowledge of the ultimate outcome dampens your enthusiasm.

Who wins in this battle between the Stalinists and the Trotskyists? Hrmph. Well, we know who loses: real Americans.

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