Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Typical news and culture today

This morning our local radio newscasters were giving the headline teasers. For the first, they warned that Degenerates were becoming much more creative at getting to your children. Then, without a hint of irony, they changed tone and tantalizingly confided that they would also share with us, over the public airwaves, during morning-get-ready-for-school time, the identities of the sexiest flight attendants.

Yesterday afternoon an FM spiritual station (I couldn't truly call anything on the radio "Christian.") interviewed some distinguished empty shirt about the alarming accelerating decline in church attendance. The upshot was that he really didn't know why people were leaving, but he's praying about it and his people should have a committee on the problem soon. And now for something completely different : Coming up next, we will be looking at the progress of ordaining women in the church. The twit behind the microphone intimated that they will explore how to continue bringing them up to the level "that men have always enjoyed." Explore. Progress. Enjoyed.

Who is writing their copy? Lewis Carroll? George Orwell? Sigmund Freud?

A highly rated online German course I recently previewed for my young children has a young German man say some simple sentence auf Deutsch and then has the young British girl arousedly effusing that we, too, could "fall in love" with his "sexy voice" if we would continue with the program. And this was in the introductory first lesson. God only knows what worse follows in the rest of the course, because I shan't.

I don't listen to much radio anymore, and almost no television. Yet I find examples like the ones above most any day, whilst flipping randomly through the channels on the way to work or while searching for the weather report. I can only imagine what degradation young people are discovering and imbibing when they search or when they simply leave their radios and televisions on as most people do.

Dear Parents and Friends, I impore you : Separate, lead, homeschool, now.

By the way, fuer Deutsch lernen, I recommend Gene Moutoux's Essential German course, free online; Essential German Grammar, by Guy Stern and E. F. Bleiler; and Pimsleur German for aural and oral practice.

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