Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Goldman Sachs does it

Matt Taibbi explains how they have been screwing us (for trillion$) and how they continue to get away with it. In the first part of this drama, Robert Rubin is Jud Suess, and later he, together with Alan Greenspan and Larry Summers, somehow ends up as Prince Valiant. Typical manipulation of the facts, but then, what should we expect from Rolling Stone?

Notice too that Goldman Sachs is always an "it," a sentient being acting of "its" own volition; there are no responsible human actors inside, only the Golem. We are not told exactly who is doing what inside the monster. Gee, I wonder why.

The articles' explanations about the oil bubble makes pretty good sense. If true, it shows James Kunstler to be not only a foul-mouthed, multicultural, leftist, commie jerkweed, but an incompetent moron to boot. Believe it or not.

Another lesson: if you are inside Goldman and are offered a responsible, high-profile position outside the mother ship, decline it.

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