Thursday, August 11, 2011

Searching for a Philosophy

Fred Scrooby cuts through the fog :
It’s a war, not a philosophy. We are under attack by specific aggressors who’ve gotten the upper hand and are methodically waging war to maintain themselves in control. (To glimpse their weaknesses just see which things we do make them most hysterical. Those are the things we need to keep doing because they’re their achilles heel by which they’ll be overthrown. You don’t get made hysterical by something that doesn’t scare you. Certain stuff scares the hell out of them and they instantly react with their “hate” laws and so on, clamping down but also shining a spotlight on their achilles heel.) It’s not a matter of evolving away from it to something more sane, it’s a matter of bursting chains. We’re already sane. We never evolved away from sanity. We’re under insane lockdown by evil prison guards who want us enslaved and/or exterminated.
Now this is something normal people can understand, put into practice, and adhere to. Its simplicity just catches one in the throat: Whatever makes Simon BarSinister angry and scared, keep doing it.

Yes, we should constantly work to understand the poisonous philosophies but more importantly, Fred reminds us, remember who's been force-feeding it to us :
Neither managerialism nor liberalism nor post-modernism, all misama theories, has done this to us. None of them really has a concrete existence as anything significant. They’re stupid fads given life by journalists working for certain forces that push certain agendas. People have not fundamentally changed in fifty years or in three thousand. They’re the same. We’re the same as when the Old Testament, the Odyssey, and the Iliad were written. What has done this to us is not bad nighttime air or swamp fumes but a specific pathogen.
We have identified the false ideologies; we have a correct diagnosis. What we have not done yet is to remove the ultimate offending "pathogen"; we have next to simply cut it out.

Mehercle, what hope and energy is given to one by such clarity.

Men of Action, here are your marching orders.

Some may object that this approach won't solve every problem that will crop up post Liberationem, but we cannot even hope to reach those problems until we've licked this one.

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