Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Isn’t all sin Nazi sin?

You absolutely must read this entry from SpiritWaterBlood, especially if you haven't yet heard the full story of Bishop Williamson, the Pope, and the Pope's Jewish masters.
In a 1989 sermon, Williamson said, “The Jews created the Holocaust so we would prostrate ourselves on our knees before them and approve of their new State of Israel… Jews made up the Holocaust, Protestants get their orders from the devil, and the Vatican has sold its soul to liberalism.”

Here’s what Williamson thinks of the media:

"On the political level, we can be virtually certain that the vile media will not tell us the full story. There is serious reason to believe - that in 1898, it was not the Spaniards who sank the “USS Maine”; that in 1917, it was not the Germans who set up the “Lusitania” as a target; that in 1941 it was not the Japanese who set up Pearl Harbor for attack; that in 1963 it was not Lee Harvey Oswald who killed President Kennedy. In 1990 it was certainly not Saddam Hussein who promised not to react if he invaded Kuwait. In 1994 it was certainly not Timothy McVeigh’s van exploding outside the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City which brought the front of the building down. In 2001…? Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, now Osama bin Laden, from CIA-assets to personal enemies of the American people - how many more times will the trick work?" more >>
No wonder the Bish is having PR problems, he's a loose cannon, telling the truth instead of repeating the official fables.

In the WhatsGood4TheGooseIsAlsoGood4TheGander Dept.:
The Roman Catholic college of cardinals met yesterday and arrived at an almost unanimous decision to sever all ties with Israel’s foremost rabbinic school after reports were released earlier this month indicating that one of the school’s chief rabbis was a Resurrection denier.
Ah, it's good to see that Euro-Judaic relations seem to be returning to normal, at least in some corners.
Rabbi Grenkewitz dismissed the Cardinal’s words as “nonsense” and expressed both disgust and amazement over the whole issue. “Jews have never believed the Resurrection. That’s what makes us Jews,”
True. Well, that, and lying, corruption, usury, Marxism, multiculturalism, open-borders, raiding national treasuries, white-slavery, pornography, drug-trafficking, general anti-Westernism, and just plain mischief on a global scale.

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