Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jim Kunstler Visits South Africa

and reports on the crime and chaos there, now that Apartheid has been abolished and the country is 90%+ non-White and totally under black control. It's bad, he discovers, especially for the "priviledged" Whites, but apparently not bad enough yet, for things are still a mess. Comrade Kunstler can't believe that the Whites in S.A. haven't capitulated entirely and warns them:
The white majority (sic) seems to ignore the fact that their future hangs by the rather flimsy threads that hold together the combined motoring-and-security systems that protect them. The story there is hardly over.
The answer, he writes, is to remove what remains of White ownership, including those "slumlords" who secretly force the residents to strip the buildings of copper wire and steel plumbing. And trains (Oh, my, how Jim loves that mass transit! He must've gotten his first kiss on the EL or something), lots and lots of trains and buses, into and out of every stinkhole and every gated neighborhood, downtown, uptown, you name it -- really mix it up.

Oh, and shared civic space, too. Those clueless Whites must eliminate what little protected, civilized space remains and drop that stupid "fortification mentality."

Verily, we should all be grateful for Jim's superior wisdom and vision. Y'all know deep in your hearts, Brethren and Sistern, that with the properly designed habitat, Jim and his Marxist buddies will have all of us living in perfect harmony, if we'll all give peace (and mass transit) a chance.

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